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the complete solution to monitor analyze manage trade risk.

Risk Management for Private Equity Companies


Increase cash flow by up to 50% when enhancing or replacing your existing credit department with our complete trade credit and collections management solutions.


Improve performance by leveraging our proprietary risk analysis software, “SMART“, that provides real-time data to make important collection and credit decisions.


TCD trade credit consulting helps identify risk and recommend effective solutions for all types of businesses, regardless of size. Over 100 industries served worldwide.

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Private Equity Company Roadmap

Trade receivables TCD client journey overview

A risk assessment is conducted to objectively determine and recommend where credit can be used for financial gain, along with identifying where improvements to collections can be made by using proven and successful processes.

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Leverage the proprietary TCD SMART platform.  Our solution integrates with your credit department, allowing for comprehensive management of your trade receivables.
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Have automation but need to improve performance? We  can integrate with most industry platforms, allowing you to leverage any or all TCD services worldwide.  

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Our services and Specialists become a transparent extension of your credit department.   Your customers will never know you hired an outside agency.
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An extension of your credit department.

Global Services

Integrated Services and Specialists worldwide.
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Advanced Risk Analysis

Industry-leading analysis, reporting and monitoring.
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Operating as a transparent extension of your company.
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Consulting & Policy

Recommendations based on industry best practices.
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A Fundamental Service for Private Equity Firms

Are companies in your portfolio not performing to expectations? It’s not necessarily a leadership issue. It could be a process issue. The Credit Department offers results-driven accounts receivables management services to identify how to improve cash flow and reduce costs. Our SMART receivables platform identifies issues within a company’s existing system and produces recommendations to improve processes.  SMART also grows with your portfolio companies for improved front office forecasting and reporting.

The Leading Solution for Managing Credit Risk

Since 1993, CEOs, CFOs, Controllers and Investor Groups worldwide have benefitted from our comprehensive accounts receivable service and solutions.  Whether outsourcing all trade receivables or utilizing solutions for monitoring, reporting and managing of trade credit, companies worldwide have seen significant improvement to DSO and reduced operational costs.  

Account Receivables. The Way it Should Be.

Our solutions provide real-time data and analysis to support successful trade credit terms and customer communications to reduce your risk. We know the customers of your companies and their processes, having managed trade receivables in over 100 industries worldwide.

Improve your receivables within days.

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