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Since 1993 we have assisted businesses around the world with identifying and solving inefficiencies in credit departments.  Our trade credit solutions are designed to quickly improve processes, mitigate risk, improve cash flow and reduce costs.

We address the issues most critical to your trade credit, including:

  • Reducing DSO by having clients pay within your terms.
  • Identifying where risks exist in your accounts receivable portfolio.
  • Mitigating customer disputes and deductions that overwhelm your staff.
Trade receivables tech stack for CFOs and Treasury Specialists

Our Mission: Receivables done right.

We are on a mission to improve owner/shareholder positions by providing strategic processes, technologies and trained personnel in the form of outsourced, virtual credit departments.

By working with TCD, you will be working with a highly sophisticated and experienced team that has a track record of successfully managing trade portfolios. Our team consists of over a dozen experienced credit analysts that will pinpoint problems within your system, allowing you to quickly resolve those issues. We will also work with your team to manage all aspects of your trade receivables, including granting credit to new customers, collecting past dues from current customers, or resolving disputes and deductions.

TCD analysts will uncover critical information that you won’t find anywhere else, including:

  • When is my cash flow going to come in?
  • How much is going to come in?
  • Additional KPIs that directly affect DSO.

Our integrated solutions are compatible with most financial platforms in the tech stack, allowing you to quickly solve issues and improve overall receivables performance, tracking, and reporting. 

Improve your receivables within days.

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