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SMART vendor portals credit insights receivables     
for Food Manufacturers

The leading Receivables Management Solution
for Food Manufacturers.

SMART improves efficiency and cash flow.

Improve Receivables within 30 days.

Gap Analysis

Audit of existing receivables processes.

Integrate SMART

Gain receivables data insights within 48 hours.

Manage Receivables

In-house or outsource to TCD for faster, optimal results.

Many food manufacturers are challenged by complex receivables processes, insufficient information for decision-making and limited staff resources.

SMART solves it all.

Improve Cash Flow by up to 50%.
SMART Food Manufacturer Receivables (FMR) is an I2C bot-enabled workflow solution that solves complex operational and process challenges facing most Account Receivables departments.  When used in conjunction with TCD Receivables Management, SMART customers have experienced up to 50% improvement in cash flow.

Integrate within days, not months.
Existing and customizable portal integrations allow you to quickly integrate SMART into your receivables workflow, allowing you to gain deeper, actionable insights within days, not months.

SMART integrates
with the ERP tech stack

in less than 48 hours.

SMART tightly integrates with most financial platforms, including the most popular tools in the CFO tech stack.  Common ERP integrations include Netsuite, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.  

A large number of portals are available or can be configured, including most food retailers with existing vendor portals. Popular portal integrations include Coupa, Ariba and Verisae.  Seasonal solutions are also available to meet the needs of food manufacturers.

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SMART Food Manufacturer Receivables solution

SMART Receivables Produces Optimal Results.

Reduce DSO by up to 50% with Receivables Management by TCD.

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