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Credit Risk Analysis for Stronger Portfolios

Is your portfolio not measuring up to anticipated returns? The Credit Department (TCD) regularly helps equity investors identify the true issues behind underperformance. It’s not always leadership or staffing. In many cases, proper accounts receivables management can significantly increase cash flow and reduce costs — maximizing value and returns. We serve equity investors who want to improve working capital and asset management.

By reviewing the existing credit departments and systems of each asset, TCD can identify areas of inefficiency or insufficient data through our proven trade credit risk and collections processes, technology and personnel. Our highly sophisticated technology and real-time data identify trade credit risk, late payers and collections issues for CEOs, CFOs and staff to improve overall trade receivables management. Plus, we can integrate with company systems within 24 hours for timely analysis and recommendations.

Equity firms that have referred TCD to their portfolio companies have seen benefits including:

  • Up to 50 percent increase in cash flow
  • Greater efficiency in accounts receivable, leading to increased profitability margins
  • Experienced consultants available during your hours of operation around the globe

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