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Trade Receivables


Comprehensive Receivables Management

The Credit Department (TCD) delivers comprehensive trade receivables management services to companies worldwide.  Businesses that use our services are seeking to:

  • Mitigate trade credit risk
  • Improve processes for customers to pay within terms
  • Effectively clear deductions

No matter the operational concern, TCD can provide industry-leading expertise and cost-effective technology to improve cash flow and reduce cost, leading to higher business valuation and portfolio values.  Hundreds of CEOs, CFOs, and Investor groups benefit every day from our services and solutions.

Services available

TCD’s proprietary, web-based software provides real-time data to make important decisions on collections, customer service and critical business financing and cash flow. TCD can integrate SMART software with your existing system in 24-48 hours. Clients using SMART software have experienced immediate cash flow improvements of 10 to 50 percent. SMART software is scalable and can grow with the company.  Learn more about SMART software.

Prevent and reduce deductions and increase claim recovery rates with TCD’s outsourced management solutions. Growing claims balances or fast-aging claims put a strain on company resources and profits. Institute a sound deduction workflow solution through TCD to streamline processes associated with managing deductions, stimulate quality improvement and reduce costs. Our proven methods, combined with our ability to leverage technology, have helped us deliver real, measurable results in more than 100 industries.

TCD’s Deduction Management services:

  • Provide a methodology for handling every type of claim
  • Reduce costly write-offs of uncollectible claims
  • Increase recovery of collectible claims
  • Reduce staff time and resources in resolving short payments
  • Implement a custom technology workflow solution to manage large numbers of deductions

Accelerate cash flow and protect receivable assets with collections management outsourcing from TCD. We deliver results with our effective customer-focused collection methods and have set the standard for “best practices” in the collections industry. Our highly efficient methods, coupled with sophisticated technology and specialized staff, help TCD boast a 25 percent average reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO) for clients.

Our seasoned team of commercial collection specialists approach customers with professional sensitivity yet effectively to collect money quickly. As your credit department, TCD is securely and seamlessly integrated into key ERP systems just like a branch office.

TCD’s Collections Management helps to:

  • Minimize opportunity cost incurred with your customers’ accounts receivable
  • Accelerate cash flow
  • Reduce past due accounts
  • Substantially reduce bad debt expense
  • Quickly and effectively resolve customer disputes

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Count on The Credit Department to provide data analytics and data visualization on a range of data, including cash flow analysis, sales vs. past due, accounts over their credit limits, past due analysis, status of an account and more.


past due vs. total a/r

TCD provides trade credit risk analysis, working with clients in over 100 industries and delivering fast results that help impact the bottom line. Stop waiting days or weeks to set a credit line on a potential or current customer. Using TCD’s team of experienced credit analysts and effective custom credit scorecards, we will calculate the appropriate trade credit risk for your company and provide a credit line recommendation with risk levels for each customer to support pricing and credit terms.

TCD’s Trade Credit Risk Analysis can help you:

  • Gain fast preliminary credit line recommendations
  • Provide exactly how much trade credit customers can afford
  • Lower the amount of unforeseen losses
  • Identify early signs of customer cash flow problems
  • Accurately forecast your cash flow projections
  • Distribute warnings/updates to recommendations as the risk changes for customers — for up to a year following initial analysis

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