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The Credit Department
413 Wacouta Street, Suite 200
Saint Paul, MN, 55101
1-800-451-0164 (U.S.)
1-651-451-0164 (International)


TCD can manage any or all aspects of Trade Receivables for businesses, worldwide. 

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Operating as an extension of any credit department.
  • Global receivables management.
  • Risk scoring and forecasting.
  • Consulting

If you are experiencing any of the following warning signs, you would benefit from our services:

  • Unacceptable level of bad debt expense
  • Greater than industry average days sales outstanding (DSO)
  • High employee turnover in your credit department
  • Complaints from sales regarding slow response and inexperience of credit department staff
  • Complaints from customers that credit personnel are unprofessional or don’t follow through
  • Reports you receive are not timely, not accurate or not accessible for critical decisions

TCD has experience serving over 100 industries and over 500 companies, U.S. and multinational. We leverage knowledge of trade credit terms and industry “best practices” in an effective delivery of trade credit analysis and trade receivables management disciplines.

Yes.  Many of our clients have very seasonal business operations, leading to slow periods for receivables management needs.  We accommodate this by offering variable cost plans in managing your trade receivables.

Yes. TCD specializes in and only provides commercial trade credit services to businesses and private equity portfolio companies. We do not provide consumer credit services.

Most companies see measurable improvement within 30 days.

Real cost savings, improved customer relations, confidence in the integrity of your receivables asset and essential reporting to better manage and predict cash flow.

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Global services. Human touch.

Since 1993, TCD has assisted businesses around the world with identifying and solving inefficiencies in credit departments.  Our trade credit solutions are designed to quickly improve processes, mitigate risk, improve cash flow and reduce costs.

TCD address the issues most critical to your trade credit, including:

  • Reducing DSO by having clients pay within your terms.
  • Identifying where risks exist in your accounts receivable portfolio.
  • Mitigating customer disputes and deductions that overwhelm your staff.
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