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The leading trade Receivables Solution with AUTOMATION and integrations

smart Improves efficiency, cash flow & decisioning

integrate within 48 hours. Improve Receivables within 30 days.

SMART credit risk management by TCD

Discovery & Gap Analysis

Identify what performance goals your AR department is not meeting and other issues hindering cash flow.

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Integrate in 48 hours

The web-based SMART platform can quickly integrate with your existing tech stack.

Generally, if your ERP can import/export Excel files, then integration with SMART can be achieved. 

Read more about integrating.

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Our Experts will configure processes and automation specific to your company, including:

  • Vendor payment portal integrations.
  • Create and implement policies.
  • Credit checks on current or new customers.
  • Create credit application processes and automations.
  • Form dispute resolution processes.

See some examples in the case studies.

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Ongoing AR Support

Our team becomes an extension of your credit department,
replacing all or some of their responsibilities, including:

  • Ongoing optimizations to automation, reports and analysis.
  • A la carte services or end-to-end management.
  • First-party collections to reduce customer friction.
  • New and existing customer risk analysis and reporting.

See use cases in case studies.

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The SMART solution has transformed the way businesses manage receivables and trade risk.

The service is available globally to most companies and across all industries.

Connect with us to learn more about how SMART can benefit your business.

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SMART is an (I2C) bot-enabled workflow solution that solves the complex operational and process challenges facing Account Receivables Departments.  It provides robust automation, invoice monitoring, query functions and advanced AI technology for better reporting and key decision-making. It is the foundation on which our industry-leading AR services are built. When used in conjunction with TCD Receivables Management, SMART customers have experienced up to 30% improvement in cash flow.

SMART integrates with your ERP

in less than 48 hours.

SMART tightly integrates with most financial platforms, including the most popular tools in the CFO tech stack.  Common ERP integrations include Netsuite, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Dynamics.  

A large number of portals are available or can be configured, including most big box and ecommerce retailers. Partial, comprehensive and seasonal solutions are available.  

Read more in the FAQ.

SMART Retail Connect receivables portal for manufacturers

SMART management produces optimal results

quickly Reduce DSO with AR Management by TCD.

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Industry-leading analysis, reporting and monitoring.
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