It's time to go outside
the box with A/R.

this is

the credit risk management system

How SMART integrates and helps

SMART credit risk management by TCD

Your internal account receivables

department is not meeting

performance goals or the

A/R overhead is prohibiting growth.

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The SMART platform is a web-based software, providing you real-time data needed to make important decisions for collections, customer service and critical business financing.

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Discovery and analysis, followed by corrective actions as needed, including:

  • Create and implement policies.
  • Credit checks on current or new customers.
  • Create credit application processes.
  • Form dispute resolution processes.
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Our team becomes an extension of your credit department,
replacing all or some of their responsibilities, including:

  • A la carte services or end-to-end management.
  • Collections in a white label environment to reduce customer friction.
  • New and existing customer risk analysis and reporting.
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The SMART solution has transformed the way businesses manage receivables and trade risk. The service is available globally to most companies and across all industries.

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SMART is a proprietary, web-based software that gives you the real-time data you need to make important decisions for collections, customer service and critical business financing and cash flow. Manage it in-house or through TCD.  Either way, your business will receive ongoing customer status, cash flow forecasts and support that internal ERP system solutions can’t deliver.

Improve your receivables within days.

The benefits of SMART

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