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Businesses of any size can access proprietary TCD technology and services to analyze trade risk.  Whether advising on receivables management or granting trade credit, TCD provides fact-based analysis from public and private resources, resulting in sound recommendations that include security and term options. 

Who uses TCD?

Our clients, both U.S. and multi-national, come from nearly every industry, including manufacturing, consumer goods, medical, private equity and conglomerates. Businesses that select our trade credit risk analysis services are concerned about the risk taken in their trade receivables and want to know how much trade credit to grant. 

We routinely work with businesses that manage the processing of accounts receivables in-house, but do not have the capacity to analyze risk or have the resources to manage the quality of receivables on an ongoing basis. TCD can offer highly sophisticated trade credit risk analyses with a level of expertise and technology that does not exist outside of F-100 credit departments. As the volume of processed invoices increases, CEOs and CFOs rely on TCD to monitor risk, manage receivables accurately and quickly to give them the data to make informed decisions.

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Trade Credit Risk Analysis services include:

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