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Credit Risk Solutions
for CEOs, Finance, Investors

"TCD...has given us a more efficient approach through bot automation. It has...reduced days outstanding averages and (provided) a clear picture of our current AR position. This timely use of data enables us to make strategic decisions that affect our cash flow and customer intelligence and focus on actions that drive results and reduce our risk and exposure. Our decision intelligence through the Bots has already delivered significant value to our organization and teams.

Through this Accounts Receivable automation, in combination with efficient workflows tailored to our business rules, we are seeing an increase in our effectiveness in managing AR documentation and interactions with our customers.”
Reviews of The Credit Department by CFOs, CEOs and Private Equity Investors.
- CEO of a Leading Company in Medical & Environmental Services

As your number of customers and invoices grows, so does the level of sophistication needed to manage your portfolio.  The customer base of our global clients is in the tens of thousands, allowing us to understand your industry better than any other outsourced solutions provider. Our clients gain a partner to review the payment systems of their customers and make actionable recommendations to improve cash flow and reduce costs.

CEOs, CFOs and Controllers

Need to improve your cash flow and financial forecasting? Our proprietary SMART receivables software monitors real-time data for improved cash flow projections, reduced customer trade credit risk and much more. Gain data analytics from our experienced team to use reports for timely decisions.  Our outsourced solutions are a good fit for mid-size and larger companies, as well as fractional CFOs.

CFO and CEO solution to reduce DSO
Equity investors improve working capital

Equity Investors

Are assets in your portfolio not performing to expectations? It’s not necessarily a leadership issue. It could be a process issue. The Credit Department offers results-driven accounts receivable management services to identify how to improve cash flow and reduce costs.

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