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As a fractional Chief Financial Officer, you are likely often hired to manage challenging financial transitions or scenarios, such as quickly generating cash flow, reducing risk and managing funding sources.  AR solutions provided by TCD offers fractional CFOs a way to meet those and other objectives by enhancing efficiency, reducing costs, and helping you improve the focus on strategic financial management, ultimately driving value for the businesses you serve.

Experience Receivables Working The Way It Should.

Leverage decades of experience from our Specialists in trade credit, receivables, risk analysis and collections to quickly improve your credit department.  Our trade receivables services and solutions integrate tightly with existing CFO processes and tech stack via the TCD SMART platform.  SMART can be used in-house by your credit department or as part of our services.  Partial and comprehensive trade receivables solutions are available, including seasonal.  See our FAQ.

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Fractional CFO outsource accounts receivables to TCD.

How TCD integrates for fractional CFOs

Trade receivables TCD client journey overview

A risk assessment is conducted to objectively determine and recommend where credit can be used for financial gain, along with identifying where improvements to collections can be made by using proven and successful processes.

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Leverage the proprietary TCD SMART platform.  Our solution integrates with your credit department, allowing for comprehensive management of your trade receivables.
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Have automation but need to improve performance? We  can integrate with most industry platforms, allowing you to leverage any or all TCD services worldwide.  

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Our services and Specialists become a transparent extension of your credit department.   Your customers will never know you hired an outside agency.
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An extension of your credit department.

Improve cash flow by up to 50% within 60 days.

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