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Whether you are a consultant or influencer, your clients or contacts likely have receivables or a credit department in need of improvement to run more efficiently and effectively.  TCD offers a solution that creates a win-win scenario by providing a better way to manage receivables and risk, while providing you a finder’s fee for the referral.

The Process

From registration to rewards.


Sign-up and receive a unique affiliate link to share with your referrals.

Generate a Lead

Put your unique link on your site, send it via email or post it to social media.

Converts to a Client

The lead visits from your unique link.  We complete an initial discovery, approve the referral and convert them into a client.

Finder’s fee paid

After 30 days we issue a payment to you via bank transfer.

Current finder’s fee rate: 5% entire lifetime of client agreement, without term restrictions.*

Case Studies

*Finder’s fee is 5% of the TCD retainer contract value during the first year of the client agreement.  Payouts are extended indefinitely if you refer one or more clients within a 12-month period that execute a retainer contract with TCD.  Finder fee payouts are suspended if a referral is not generated in the most recent 12-month period.  Initial fees are payable 30 days after client retainer is initiated.  Fees are not payable on Risk Analysis Reports or other reports.  Contact us for more information or to review best practices for referring TCD solutions.   Rate is subject to change.

Improve your receivables within days.