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Affiliates and Partners

Benefits for you and A/R everywhere

Current finder's fee: 5% during lifetime of client agreement.*

We manage all aspects of Trade Receivables

Your referrals will benefit from our industry-leading services.

TCD can manage any or all aspects of Trade Receivables for businesses, worldwide. 

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Operating as an extension of any credit department.
  • Global receivables management.
  • Risk scoring and forecasting.
  • Consulting

If you know or suspect they are experiencing any of the following warning signs, then they would likely benefit from working with TCD:

  • Unacceptable level of bad debt expense.
  • Greater than industry average days sales outstanding (DSO).
  • High employee turnover in your credit department
  • Complaints from sales regarding slow response and inexperience of credit department staff.
  • Complaints from customers that credit personnel are unprofessional or don’t follow through.
  • Reports you receive are not timely, not accurate or not accessible for critical decisions.

Upon approval for the Affiliate program, you will be able to make introductions between your referral and your assigned TCD executives.  The initial point of contact with a referral is normally with their CFO, CEO, Controller or Investor.  See Affiliate Journey for the process involved.

You are compensated at 5% of the retainer value on a monthly basis, which can be extended indefinitely if a qualifying referral is generated every twelve months.  See terms for further details. 

An initial discovery consultation is conducted to determine level of service and solutions required, followed by a retainer contract for services.  See Client Journey for a high level overview of the process.

In a smoothly running department that has excellent processes and sophisticated technology, you can simply replace or add qualified people. However, if you have numerous delinquencies, unforeseen bad debt write-offs and/or out of control deduction problems, you need to focus on the true cause of the problem.  TCD provides solutions that can quickly remedy these issues and keep them from reoccurring.

Real cost savings, improved customer relations, confidence in the integrity of your receivables asset and essential reporting to better manage and predict cash flow.

Yes.  TCD operates internationally, supporting hundreds of companies worldwide.  We maintain a multi-lingual staff that works around the clock to serve our clients.

TCD becomes a seamlessly integrated branch office that answers the phone and communicates with your customers as you would.  TCD is not a third-party vendor or a collections agency.  We communicate and operate with the professionalism you would expect from your most talented employees. As a strategic partner, TCD can quickly become a cohesive and transparent component of the business’ daily operations.

TCD has experience serving over 100 industries and over 500 companies, U.S. and multinational. We leverage knowledge of trade credit terms and industry “best practices” in an effective delivery of trade credit analysis and trade receivables management disciplines.

Yes.  Many of our clients have very seasonal business operations, leading to slow periods for receivables management needs.  We accommodate this by offering variable cost plans in managing your trade receivables.

Yes. TCD specializes in and only provides commercial trade credit services to businesses and private equity portfolio companies. We do not provide consumer credit services.

Most companies see measurable improvement within 30 days.

The demonstrated values and business ethics of The Credit Department set the industry standard and duty to serve clients first. Because we are deeply integrated into your business, we may be privy to pricing, sales goals, promotion, trade credit risk tolerance and strategic plans. Serving competitors within your specific market space occurs only when agreed on by our clients and when in compliance with anti-trust regulation. Our secure technology is also designed to protect valuable data.

Managing trade credit risk is much more complicated than just making collection calls. Few companies have the experience of working inside manufacturing, distribution and service businesses. Most highly skilled trade credit experts remain in Fortune 100 companies their entire careers. TCD has spent millions of dollars to integrate technology into our model and monitor the next generation technologies. Most companies that manage outsourced trade receivables do not have that technology or capacity to innovate like TCD.

A solution that works...and pays.

Available worldwide for every industry.

Whether you are a consultant or influencer, your clients or contacts likely have receivables or a credit department in need of improvement to run more efficiently and effectively.  TCD offers a solution that creates a win-win scenario by providing a better way to manage receivables and risk, while providing you a finder’s fee for the referral.

The Process

From registration to rewards.


Sign-up and receive approval to refer businesses to TCD.

Generate a Lead

Make introductions between your referral and TCD. 

Converts to a Client

TCD completes an initial discovery with the referral to qualify and convert them to a client.

Finder’s fee paid

After 30 days we issue a payment to you via bank transfer.

Current finder’s fee rate: 5% for the entire lifetime of client agreement* view terms

The Client's Journey

Trade receivables TCD client journey overview

A risk assessment is conducted to objectively determine and recommend where credit can be used for financial gain, along with identifying where improvements to collections can be made by using proven and successful processes.

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Leverage the proprietary TCD SMART platform.  Our solution integrates with your credit department, allowing for comprehensive management of your trade receivables.
Learn more about SMART.

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Have automation but need to improve performance? We  can integrate with most industry platforms, allowing you to leverage any or all TCD services worldwide.  

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Our services and Specialists become a transparent extension of your credit department.   Your customers will never know you hired an outside agency.
Contact us to learn more.

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Global Services

Integrated Services and Specialists worldwide.
Case studies

Advanced Risk Analysis

Industry-leading analysis, reporting and monitoring.
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Operating as a transparent extension of your company.
See FAQs

Consulting & Policy

Recommendations based on industry best practices.
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Global Leader in Managing Credit Risk

CEOs, CFOs and Controllers choose The Credit Department (TCD) in order to leverage our comprehensive monitoring, reporting and managing of trade credit risk.  Our complete receivables solutions offer end-to-end services and management, surpassing the boxed solutions found elsewhere.


Accounts Receivable management, optimized automation and expert guidance.

*Finder’s fee is equal to 5% of the TCD retainer contract value during the first year of the client agreement, paid monthly as long as the client remains active and current within the terms of their contract.  Initial fees are payable 30 days after client retainer is initiated.  Payouts are extended indefinitely if you refer one or more clients within a 12-month period that execute a retainer contract with TCD.  Finder fee payouts are suspended if you do not generate a referral in the most recent 12-month period.   Fees are not payable on Risk Analysis Reports or other reports.  Contact us for more information or to review best practices for referring TCD solutions.   Rate and terms are subject to change.  This is a high level overview of the Affiliate Program Terms, providing a synopsis of the compensation plan.  The complete terms of the Program is made available to qualifying Affiliates. 

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