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Risk Management – Business Trends and the Economy

Is risk management a concern for your portfolio companies? Value can erode due to inefficient or noncompliant collections practices, cyber risks and lack of controls in staffing. The following articles address larger risks with regard to business trends and the economy. They can serve as background to justify porfolio company operational improvements while times are good.

The Credit Department offers services to improve the value of your portfolio companies. A simple credit risk analysis and related services can mean the difference between boosting and losing value.


How Companies Are Managing Credit Risk

An original research project sponsored by Moody’s Analytics explores how companies are managing the credit risk posed by their trading partners and financial counterparts — and how they could be managing it better.



Business Redefined – Business 2020: a Futburization Report

The Recession didn’t just bring problems. With the right leadership and tools, it can still be a valuable reference to prune back deadwood in your portfolio companies.

This futurization report by Ernst & Young summarizes why the US economy may suffer several more dips and recoveries between now and 2020.


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The CFO 7

Seven best practices by mid-market and larger companies.

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