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TCD launches SMART receivables solution for Food Manufacturers

SMART Food Manufacturer Receivables solution

NEWS RELEASE – St. Paul, MN.   TCD, the leader in trade receivables solutions, announced that their popular SMART trade receivables platform is now available for the food manufacturing industry worldwide.  The addition of RPA automated bot enabled processes for vendor payment portals brings much needed improvements in managing receivables and reporting.  Popular industry portal integrations include Coupa, Ariba, and Verisae.

“We are seeing major cash flow improvements within 30 days, with some companies seeing a nearly 50% increase in cash flow.”

– Pam Krank, President, TCD

SMART includes services and reports needed by food manufacturers.

Significant features that have attracted early adopters of the platform include powerful process automation that creates efficiences and eliminates human error, improved reporting across all metrics, and the ability to manage the platform in-house or outsource it to TCD for faster, more effective management.  The platform can also effectively manage deductions, a critical process in accounts receivables throughout the food manufacturing industry.

Delivering major improvements within days, not weeks.

Companies are able to integrate the SMART platform within days under most conditions.  As a result, TCD Specialists are able to quickly integrate custom processes for nearly any receivables workflow.

Learn more about SMART Receivables for the Food and Beverage Industry.

About TCD

TCD is a worldwide leader in comprehensive trade receivables solutions for mid-market and larger companies. Since 1993, TCD has provided software and services to companies in over 100 industries. 

Many businesses lack internal staffing and processes to properly manage receivables.  Recognizing this, TCD proceeded to pioneer a comprehensive solutions approach of offering software plus service to assist, enhance or replace existing credit deparments at companies.  This resulted in companies realizing major cash flow improvements, greater efficiency, and reduced overhead costs.

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