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The New Normal: Lower PE Returns and Expensive Credit

Lower PE Returns and Expensive Credit

According to Moody’s, record corporate debt is coming due in the next five years. Companies that are borrowing or funding businesses through debt will need to pay close attention to debt covenants, debt ratios, cash flow from operations and interest coverage in their holdings. This concern includes portfolio companies. A recent report by the Center for Economic and Policy Research noted that top fund managers are predicting lower share prices and dividends, saying that the tailwind (post-financial crisis) has turned into a headwind. New PE buyout funds could have lives as long as 20 years. We’ve gathered a few articles about the outlook for private equity, including recent surveys of fund managers and their predictions for the future.

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Private Equity Fund Managers Squeezed in the Mid-Market

Competition for assets is focused on mid-market buyouts. Learn how managers plan to overcome challenges and manage private equity assets in 2017.


Ten Predictions for Private Equity In 2017

Managers and investors need to be flexible and open-minded if they are going to successfully negotiate the fast-growing global private equity investment market. These ten predictions for private equity in 2017 make that clear.


Private Equity Managers Expect Less Uncertainty in 2017

While election years tend to carry some uncertainty for the private equity community, there is some confidence among fund managers – mostly related to the election being over. Learn where fund managers’ optimism lies for the coming year.



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