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Top Mistakes that Cost Private Equity Firms

Top Mistakes that Cost Private Equity Firms

What mistakes are costing private equity firms? Beyond the inefficient or noncompliant collections practices we see at The Credit Department, portfolio companies are suffering due to poor operational, broker and hiring decisions. Read about these mistakes (and how to fix them) in the following articles.

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5 Practices That Are Crippling Your Portfolio Company Operations

The organizational efficiency experts at Big Sky share five common practices that break many portfolio company operations. They also provide rapid improvement tips to turn each practice around. Read this if you’re looking to get rid of excess waste from your portfolio companies.



Big Mistake Made By PE Firms: Allowing A Newly Acquired Portfolio Company To Drive A Broker Decision

Find out why allowing a newly acquired portfolio company to retain an existing broker based on the relationship can cost private equity firms. The author also shares success factors to measure for the benefit of the investors.


The Top 3 Reasons PE-backed CEOs Fail

In collaboration with the University of Chicago, ghSMART analyzed millions of data points to identify the most common risks across nearly 900 private equity CEO candidates. From that data, they provide three common risks that can damage investor returns.



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