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Portfolio Companies Look to Private Equity to Improve Operations

The biggest hidden opportunity of portfolio company performance is often found in the back office. And we’re not talking about downsizing. These articles point to a larger focus on operations when enhancing the value of your portfolio.


Private Equity Can Make Firms More Innovative

Joel Stiebale, a professor at the Dusseldorf Institute of Competition Economics (DICE), and two other professors find that private equity investors are seeking out companies with an entrepreneurial spirit to increase innovation (and revenue).

Source: Harvard Business Review


How Private Equity Owners Lean Into Turnarounds

McKinsey & Company compared 659 private equity backed and publicly owned enterprises over a nine year period. They found that companies backed by private equity firms outperformed those that were publicly owned when recovering from business woes.

Source: McKinsey & Company


How Private Equity Firms Hire CEOs

DHR International’s Jeffrey Cohn and Green Peak Partners’ J.P. Flaum draw five conclusions about how private equity firms hire CEOs after surveying and interviewing 32 managing partners.

Source: Harvard Business Review

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