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Pam Krank


Pam Krank - TCD President, trade receivables speaker

Pam Krank

Since 1993, Pam has been at the helm of TCD, leveraging decades of experience to generate global success for TCD and its clients.

After working in the credit department for a multinational F-50 conglomerate for 13 years, Pam  saw an opportunity to provide collection and credit management outsourcing solutions to commercial businesses.  In 1993, Pam founded the The Credit Department (TCD).

With a knack for assigning processes to chaos, Pam regularly meets with TCD clients to review what isn’t working and determine what needs to be applied for effective credit risk management. She designs unique risk management processes for each client, which is facilitated by TCD software that allows real time analysis of a client’s asset and risk.

Pam also has the unique ability to filter through thousands of pieces of data and tell clients what they need to know to make sound trade finance decisions. Setting and following an example of responding quickly to clients, she and her team are all about solutions, not excuses, and leveraging their their extensive financial network and resources. Pam is also a frequent speaker and trainer for clients and associations on credit risk analysis, outsourced credit and collections and trade receivables management. 

  • University of Minnesota, Credit & Financial Management
  • International Lecturer on Trade Credit
  • Past Adjunct Professor University of St. Thomas

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