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2017 Business Forecasts Impact Portfolios

2017 Business Forecasts Impact Portfolios

Each year around this time, the media reviews last year’s business trends and forecasts into the future. We found a mix of articles highlighting 2016 and 2017 business trends that can impact business value and profits. Like the recent Presidential election, these trends will defy traditional market assumptions.

Underestimated Millennials

On the older end of the spectrum, they’re turning 35 this year, and they are officially the largest living generation in the U.S. They are business owners as well as middle managers poised to take over leadership. They are also savvy enough to redefine the market in the next decade, from environmentalism to DIY services and remote work…impacting real estate, commodities and logistics.


The Google

A business’ online existence is rivaling any brick and mortar experience. E-commerce will continue to rise; and 79% of salespeople who use social media will outsell those who don’t. Also, 65% of buyers feel that a vendor’s content and its navigation has an impact on their final purchase decision.



Smart Baby Boomers are getting ahead of their competition by transitioning leadership or selling before the market becomes too competitive. Meanwhile, Generation Z — those born after 1995 — are focused on customizing their educations and careers to fit a more entrepreneurial mold of work and life. Where will the next great idea come from? Talk to teen-agers.


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