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optimize your accounts receivable with TAILORED AR AUTOMATION and STRATEGIC EXPERTISE

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CFO reviewing Account Receivables solution for business.
The AR platform with real-time data, portal integrations and critical BI.
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case study:  how six companies Maximized Cash Flow with One AR solution.

Proactive Solutions that help CFOs sleep at night.

trade receivables management. the way it should be.

AR Automation Configured to your processes

Our proprietary Accounts Receivable software, SMART, offers custom invoice status updates, query functions and more for robust reporting and critical decision making to reduce waste across the organization.

Deductions and Disputes

Our Deductions and Dispute Management Team, in tandem with SMART’s automated accounts receivable system, customize and streamline processes to detect, distribute, and resolve disputed items in the portfolio. 

proactive receivables management

If your internal credit department lacks expertise or time, our credit team can seamlessly integrate as an extension of yours, simplifying processes and improving efficiency.

Risk Assessment

Our team of credit experts, backed by tailor-made credit scorecards, is dedicated to accurately gauge trade credit risk and provide credit line recommendations with risk levels on each of your customers for optimal pricing and credit terms to match your company’s risk appetite 

Analytics and Reporting

Streamlined data analytics and visualization, including cash flow forecasting, dispute resolution, payment trends, changing credit risks, overdue payments analysis, DSO comparisons, and more.


Our experienced receivables experts conduct a thorough analysis to identify gaps, weaknesses, and opportunities in your current processes. Through this process, we are able to develop a tailored, comprehensive strategy for optimizing your AR and maximizing cash flow.

Integrated with your ERP and Payment Portals

Our SMART Accounts Receivable platform integrates with the majority of ERP providers. At TCD, we cater to clients across numerous vertical markets, serving organizations of all sizes—from global enterprises to mid-market businesses. Recognizing the diversity in our customers’ ERP system preferences, we have developed a wide range of integrations and automations to accommodate their needs.

SMART trade receivables management integration by TCD.


The Credit Department is the first and only true Accounts Receivable management firm in the U.S., managing trade receivables for companies worldwide since 1992. We work with CFOs, CEOs and Equity Investors in more than 100 industries to bring about change and dramatic results in our customers’ order to cash cycles.

As your strategic business partner, we become a cohesive and transparent component of your daily operations — whether you have an internal credit department or not. We also work with private investor groups to increase the value of portfolio company receivables to maximize cash flow from the asset. Our solutions integrate easily and cost-effectively with corporate systems within 24-48 hours.

If you’re ready to take control of your receivables management and gain access to real-time cash flow forecasting, then it’s time to contact The Credit Department.

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