Improving cash flow and earnings through strategic credit management




Strategic Trade Credit Management

High levels of past dues and bad debt don’t need to be a given for your company, regardless of your industry or current credit management. You can expect significant cash flow improvements, along with time and cost saving, when you work with The Credit Department Inc (TCD).

We can also tell you with the utmost certainty whether a customer or prospect will be viable in 20 days or two years, from our studies of thousands of companies over the years and formulating our own scorecards.  This kind of information and expertise is almost impossible for mid-market companies to duplicate in-house. We will not only tell you if a customer or prospect is a good credit risk, but unlike other companies, we’ll make a recommendation as to how much credit you should extend.

The Credit Department is the Nation's first and only true credit management outsourcing firm; we are simply the best at managing trade receivables worldwide. No other company has the scope of services we provide and no one gets the results we do. We provide manufacturers, distributors and service organizations with credit management outsourcing, collection outsourcingcredit and collections software and other specialized services including deduction management.

We have helped over 400 companies in 80 industries bring about change and dramatic results in their sales to cash cycle. We are your strategic business partner who, over a short amount of time, becomes a cohesive and transparent component of your daily operations. There isn’t a better return on investment you could make for your company.




 - Reduce bad debt expense by 50%

- Shrink day sales outstanding by 25% or more

- Increase unauthorized deduction recoveries by 200%

- Improve receivable performance management

- Streamline aged receivable collection